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Rugs and carpets

The Scandinavian rugs from the Mobler gallery magnificently combine design and comfort, thanks to their soft and welcoming materials. They will bring a friendly atmosphere to your interior, but also, thanks to their quality and resistance, to work spaces or public places such as shops or hotels. They were designed by renowned Scandinavian manufacturers such as Kvadrat, Asplund and Woodnote. Our selection of Scandinavian rugs offers a variety of shapes and colors and will allow you to undoubtedly find the rug that will perfectly match your decor.

Rugs and carpets

Scandinavian Rugs: Minimalist Elegance and Ecology at the Heart of the Decor Trend

Scandinavian rugs, a decorative revelation

The Scandinavian rug, an essential addition for a stylish decor, combines quality materials and contemporary design. Made by hand using traditional techniques, these unique pieces are available in knotted, tufted, or woven versions.

Elegant customization

A Scandinavian rug transforms any room into a warm and welcoming space. Wool and cotton give warmth and softness to these creations, while woven paper and sisal emphasize their natural character.

Simple design

The soft colors and discreet geometric patterns of Scandinavian rugs create a warm atmosphere without overshadowing the surrounding furniture and decoration. The sobriety of neutral colors also contributes to this.

The essence of Scandinavian design

Furnishing yourself with a Scandinavian rug means opting for high-quality interior decoration, imbued with contemporary minimalism. These creations result from an evolution of oriental traditions towards a unique style reflecting Nordic culture. Since ancient times, carpet in Scandinavia has been used to insulate the floor. This is why it is thicker than the carpets that you can find in North Africa for example.

Form follows function

In the most recent decoration projects, Scandinavian rugs adopt round, oval or sinuous shapes to soften the rigorous design of the furniture and highlight the soft lines of each room.

An eco-responsible choice

Many Scandinavian rugs are sustainably made, favoring natural materials and environmentally friendly production processes. A responsible option for those who want to reduce their impact on the planet through their furnishing.