Whether for professional use or to furnish your personal office, the Mobler gallery offers you a rigorous selection of Scandinavian desks with minimalist design, designed by renowned designers. These Scandinavian desks will bring a touch of Nordic style to your workspace, while combining functionality and aesthetics.


Choosing the right Scandinavian office

Choosing a Scandinavian office is a wise option in many respects. First of all, its clean design reduces space clutter and allows the Scandinavian desk to blend harmoniously into any decor.

How high for a Scandinavian desk? If you work on a computer, the standard range is around 70 cm. However, determining the optimal height relies on personal considerations related to your height and the type of office chair you use.

To guarantee optimal comfort, a few recommendations should be taken into account. When you are seated, the Scandinavian desk should reach the level of your elbows, allowing your arms to naturally rest on the surface at an angle of approximately 90 degrees. Below the Scandinavian desk, a space of 35 to 40 cm between the top of your knees and the lower part of the desk is recommended. The distance between the bottom of the Scandinavian desk and the floor should be around 60 cm.

It should be noted that your height and sitting posture can influence the optimal height of your Scandinavian desk. However, ergonomics also play a key role in supporting your body and preventing fatigue. Taking the time to choose the height of your Scandinavian desk by sitting in front of different models and taking measurements can be a valuable step for your comfort at work.