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Scandinavian armchairs are synonymous with comfort! Scandinavian lounge chairs, or low armchairs, are an invitation to rest, relaxation, and leisure. Similarly, high Scandinavian armchairs, or chairs with armrests, provide excellent comfort in front of a desk or around a table.

The Mobler gallery offers here a selection of both low and high Scandinavian armchairs in classic and contemporary styles, with impeccable quality and comfort, manufactured by renowned Nordic brands such as Carl Hansen & Son, Hay, And Tradition, and designed by the greatest names in Scandinavian design from both past and present, including Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, and Borge Morgensen.



How to Identify a Scandinavian Armchair?

Scandinavian armchairs are increasingly susceptible to counterfeiting, making it sometimes challenging to distinguish between an authentic Scandinavian armchair and an imitation. At the Mobler gallery, we exclusively offer original pieces from renowned Scandinavian brands.

Materials: Scandinavian style draws inspiration from nature, so it is entirely natural for Scandinavian armchairs to be crafted from materials such as wood, wool, or leather. You will often find solid wood, whether it be walnut, oak, or light woods like ash and beech. Materials like wool or leather contribute to a soft and warm atmosphere, characteristic of Scandinavian design.

Color Choices: Scandinavian armchairs typically lean towards soft and pastel color palettes, sometimes adorned with geometric patterns, creating a visual harmony.

Functionality: Functionality is a crucial criterion for Scandinavian armchairs. They must be both comfortable and easy to move. Armrests should provide good support to ensure shoulder relaxation, especially for taller Scandinavian armchairs often used at desks. Additionally, armrests should allow for easy sliding of the armchair under a desk or table.

Design: Design is inseparable from function for Scandinavian armchairs. A Scandinavian armchair stands out for its aesthetics, elegance, and clean appearance.

Personalized Comfort: Just like a pair of shoes, the comfort of a Scandinavian armchair depends on each individual's morphology. That's why, at the Mobler gallery, we showcase more than 30 models of Scandinavian armchairs, allowing our customers to find the one that suits them best in terms of comfort and style.