The Mobler gallery offers you a selection of mainly vintage Scandinavian ceramics, from Swedish, Danish or Finnish ceramists. If certain pieces were mass-produced in factories in Denmark like Royal Copenhagen or in Sweden like Rorstrand, each one is unique in its enamel or coloring work.


A brief history of Scandinavian ceramics

It was in the 1940s that Scandinavian ceramics achieved undisputed international fame. By brilliantly merging industrial techniques and the teachings of design schools, the manufacturers of Sweden, Denmark and Finland lay the foundations of a refined and fluid style, which has become emblematic of Nordic creations.

A marriage between design and industry

The originality of Scandinavian manufacturers lies in their desire to welcome artists, trained in applied arts, in an exceptional working environment. Young designers are assigned workshops at the very heart of the factories, and the title of artistic director. This creative freedom has generated a pool of talent within industrial structures, contributing greatly to the reputation of these factories.

Beyond the technological aspect, characterized by access to manufacturing resources, ceramists also benefit from enhanced promotion thanks to the combined efforts of manufacturers...