€ 75.00 - € 5,895.00

Wall lamps

The Scandinavians who stand out for their deep reflection on the art of lighting. Galerie Mobler invites you to explore its rich selection of Scandinavian wall lights, carefully designed for a variety of spaces, from hallways to bedrooms and powder rooms. In addition, some of these Scandinavian wall lights, with their exceptional decorative character, will be perfectly integrated into a living room or dining room.

Wall lamps

Scandinavian wall lights: versatile designer lighting

Scandinavian wall lights stand out within the range of lighting fixtures, due to their positioning closely linked to the architecture and configuration of spaces. Unlike other lighting fixtures, the variability in the size of Scandinavian wall lights is particularly wide, ranging from a spectacular piece around which the entire decoration revolves, to the most modest, discreetly nestled in an entrance or in the space limited to one bathroom.

Scandinavian wall lights lend themselves to a variety of roles, whether illuminating the living room, children's bedroom, office or entryway, providing a lighting solution to suit every corner of your home .