General Terms and Conditions of Sale


Article 1: Introduction

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are concluded between, on the one hand, Galerie Mobler, a limited liability company with capital of 4000 Euros, R.C.S. NANTERRE  522 111 293, registered head office at 14 Rue Diderot - 92700 Colombes - France, (hereinafter «We» and «Us») and, on the other hand, any person requesting to buy (hereinafter «You») the products displayed on the Internet site (hereinafter «the Site»).


Article 2 : Acceptance of the general terms and conditions

You are invited to read these general terms and conditions of sale, which define the contractual relationship between You and Us, and the terms and conditions applicable to all orders that are placed by You (hereinafter the «TCS»).

In order to place an order You must accept the TCS in their entirety.

Clicking on the «BUY» link underneath the detailed description of the product will be deemed to be acceptance of the TCS.

We may modify the TCS at any time. In case of modification the TCS that apply to Your order are those that were on line and that You accepted on the date that Your order was transmitted.

If You do not agree with the terms and conditions of these TCS, You should not use this Site or place an order.


Article 3 : Features of the products on offer for sale

The products offered for sale are those that are featured in the catalogue published on the Site, each product being accompanied by a detailed description.

The presentation photographs of the products displayed on the Site are communicated solely for illustrative purposes; they are not binding and are no substitute for the detailed description given for each product.


Article 4 : Conditions of purchase

You declare that You are at least 18 years of age and that You have full legal capacity, or that You have parental permission to place an order.

Sale of the products presented on the Site is reserved to purchasers resident in France and in other countries provided that delivery can be made to the country of destination.


Article 5 : Product Availability

The products presented on the Site are offered subject to availability in Our stocks or the stocks of Our suppliers.


Article 6 : Price

Regardless of Your invoice address, prices are always given in Euros and exclude delivery charges and customs charges as specified at article 7.

The price applicable to Your order is the price indicated underneath the description of the product featured on the Site. The prices displayed on line are guaranteed, unless, particularly in case of error or a technical problem, said price displayed is abnormally low.


Article 7 : Customs charges

Outside mainland France orders are the subject of a quotation. You must contact Us by email at the following address: contact@galerie-mobler.comor contact Us by telephone on the following number : 01 43 33 20 12. We will contact You as soon as possible in order to give You a quotation.

All orders placed with Us and delivered outside mainland France may be subject to additional taxes (import charges or local taxes) and to customs charges, taxes and other charges that are applied when the delivery arrives at destination.

You are responsible for these customs charges and any other taxes associated with the delivery of a product, and they are payable by You.

We are not obliged to check or to inform You about the customs charges and taxes that may be applicable. To find out, We advise You to contact the relevant authorities in Your country of destination.


Article 8 : How to order  

In order to order Our products you can contact Us:

- by mail at the following address: or by clicking the “BUY” button on the page of the product that You are interested in.

- by telephone on the following number: 01 43 33 20 12

You will then be invited to make payment according to the conditions set out at Article 9.

We will send You confirmation of Your order by electronic means as soon as possible, which will be Your confirmation that Your order has been taken into account.

We reserve the right to refuse any order from a client with whom a dispute is ongoing.


Article 9 : Terms and Conditions of Payment and Delivery

9.1 Delivery arranged by You

Your product will be available for collection by You. You must inform Us when you place Your order that you wish to collect it.

9.1.1 Collection

After taking an appointment with Us by email at the following address: or by telephone on the following number: 01 43 33 20 12, You can collect Your product in Courbevoie, (92400), at the following address: 39 Av. de l'Europe.

Payment for Your product can be made to Us at the time and point of collection of Your product.

9.1.2 Delivery by the transporter of Your choice

You can organise Your own delivery with a transporter of Your choice.

For delivery by the transporter of Your choice, payment is accepted by cheque only, before the product can be released.

You will be informed as soon as possible that Your payment has been received.

We decline all responsibility in case of damage caused to merchandise during transport organised by You.

9.2 Delivery organised by Us

When We organise the transport of your order for You, You will be given all information concerning the delivery when You place Your order.

The delivery date will be fixed by the transport company; You will be informed of the latest date for delivery when You place your order.

9.3 Delays

In case of delay of more than sixty (60) days after the final date for delivery given in Our email setting out the terms and conditions for delivery of Your product, and which delay is not caused by a Force Majeure event, You have the right to cancel Your order. To do so, You must inform Us in writing, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, within sixty (60) days following expiry of the planned delivery date to the following address: Galerie Mobler, 39 Avenue de l'Europe - 92400  Courbevoie - France.

The agreement will be deemed to have been broken on receipt of the letter if the product has not been delivered between the date that the letter was sent and the date that the letter was received. You will then be reimbursed for all sums that have been paid, as soon as possible and at the latest thirty (30) days from receipt by Our department of Your cancellation letter. You cannot claim payment of any penalties or interest, or any form of compensation.

Delivery charges and insurance costs are payable by You, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

9.4 Distribution of risk

The risks related to the delivered products are transferred to You when You accept delivery of Your order.

9.5 Retention of Title Clause

We retain ownership of the products until You have fulfilled all of Your obligations to Us, and in particular until We have received full and final payment of Your order.

9.6 Delivery conditions precedent

No delivery can take place until the order has been paid for in full.

Article 10 : Returns

10.1 Right of retraction

For all distance sales You, the consumer, have fifteen (15) days in which to change Your mind, from the date of reception of Your purchase, without having to give reasons or pay any penalties, except the costs of returning the product.

You must have proof of the date of delivery in order to benefit from this right of retraction.

How You return the product is up to You, at Your convenience and at Your expense. Under no circumstances can We be expected to organise the return of any product, the purchase of which has been cancelled.

Upon receipt of the product, and after checking that is in good condition, We will reimburse You as soon as possible and at the latest thirty (30) days following the date at which You exercised Your right of retraction, the total amount of all sums paid to Us for the products that have been returned, excluding delivery charges.

If the products that You return to Us are in poor condition rendering them unfit for sale no reimbursement will be due.

10.2 Statutory guarantees

Products for delivery are systematically checked before being sent and have been the subject of examination in order to ensure that they comply with the description given on the Site.

In accordance with articles L 211-4 and following of the Consumer Code, You have a guarantee of conformity. The conformity of Your product is guaranteed for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery of the product.

We advise You to check carefully the condition and conformity of the product that is delivered to You before signing the delivery documents.

If Your product is damaged or non-conform, We recommend that You note on the delivery documents the reference of the product that You wish to return, with your reservations (a short description of any faults or damage) and signature. If We validate the fault in conformity or the defect, You have the right to have the product in question replaced or repaired, within the conditions set out by the law.


Article 11 : Liability

We will do everything in Our power to assure the services subject to these TCS.

We work with antique dealers throughout Europe. The products offered for sale comply with legislation currently in force and rules applicable in the countries in question.

We cannot be held responsible for any harm resulting from the use of the Internet network, such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, disruption to service, or any other unintentional problems.

We cannot be held responsible for any indirect damage or for any other form of financial loss.

Equally, We cannot be held liable for any breach of Our contractual obligations caused by accident or a force majeure event.


Article 12 : Protection of privacy

In order to process Your order and offer You Our services We must process Your personal details.

The personal information flagged as compulsory is essential for Us to process Your order and offer You Our services. If You do not fill out the information that is marked as compulsory We cannot process Your order and provide You with Our services.

In accordance with the Data Protection law of January 6 1978 You have the right to access and rectify Your personal information, and the right to object to its collection and use on legitimate grounds, by contacting Us at the following address: 


Article 13 : Intellectual Property

Unless stated otherwise all elements on this Site are and shall remain the exclusive property of Galerie Mobler.

Any reproduction, in whole or in part, is authorized on condition that it is accompanied by the name: « ».


Article 14 : Applicable Law

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by French law.

In any case, the law of the country in which the seller is established cannot prevent the consumer whose place of residence is in a different Country from enjoying the protection offered by the provisions of the laws of that country if they offer a higher level of protection.


Article 15 : Dispute resolution

In case of complaint You can contact Us by mail at or by telephone on 01 43 33 20 12. If an amicable solution cannot be found any legal action will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the common law courts.