€ 990.00 - € 1,080.00


Scandinavian benches come in a multitude of styles and functions. Whether one is looking for a Scandinavian storage bench to increase storage capacity while maintaining a polished aesthetic, or prefers the simplicity of a traditional Scandinavian bench, or even the functionality of a foldable model, the possibilities are endless.


How to Choose Your Scandinavian Bench Wisely

The Scandinavian entryway bench, a true focal point of welcome in your home. It plays a major role, both aesthetically and practically, by facilitating the putting on and taking off of shoes.

In a living room, a Scandinavian bench can be placed against a sofa to hold magazines or a tray with objects, and it can also be positioned in front of a bay window.

It will naturally find its place around a table in a kitchen or dining room as it allows for seating more people around the table than chairs.

However, Scandinavian benches can also be well-placed at the foot of a bed to hold a comforter or clothing.