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Scandinavian stools and Scandinavian bar stools represent an essential element to create a modern and elegant atmosphere, whether in a private living space or a commercial establishment. Drawing inspiration from Nordic style, known for its functional simplicity and clean aesthetics, Scandinavian stools add a touch of contemporary sophistication to any bar or kitchen island. The Mobler gallery offers you a selection of both high and low Scandinavian stools. All Scandinavian bar stools are available in two seat heights


How to Choose Your Scandinavian Stools Wisely

Scandinavian bar stools stand out for their meticulous selection of authentic and durable materials, particularly emphasizing solid wood. Noble woods such as oak, birch, and beech are frequently chosen to create sturdy and resilient seats. These materials impart a natural warmth and organic beauty to the stools, establishing a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Minimalism is another fundamental characteristic of Scandinavian bar stools. Clean lines and simple geometric shapes contribute to their elegant and timeless aesthetic.

Functionality remains a primary concern in the design of Scandinavian stools. They are meticulously crafted to combine optimal comfort with the practical requirements of a kitchen or bar space. Seats are generally ergonomic, complemented by well-thought-out backrests and footrests providing additional support.

To ensure the perfect alignment of the seat height with your island or counter, it is advisable to calculate a difference of approximately 30 cm between the stool seat height and the top of your island's surface.

In addition to their aesthetics, Scandinavian stools are also praised for their durability and ease of maintenance. The high-quality materials used in their manufacturing make them resistant to daily wear and easy to clean, which proves essential in the bustling environment of a bar.