The Mobler gallery presents to you a superb range of Scandinavian sofa beds, whether in classic or contemporary style. This collection of convertible Scandinavian sofas embodies the excellence and quality of Nordic design, bringing comfortable furniture with clean lines to your interior space, crafted by eminent Scandinavian designers.

In our showroom, you will discover a selection of convertible Scandinavian sofas from major brands such as Innovation Living or Softline, designed by renowned Scandinavian designers. Each of these sofa beds is an exceptional piece, elegantly designed and built to withstand the test of time, seamlessly merging the refinement of Scandinavian design with a focus on comfort.


Choosing the Right Scandinavian SofaBed


When considering the purchase of a Scandinavian sofa bed, whether in classic or contemporary style, it is essential to think about its intended use and placement in your space, whether it be in a studio, living room, or guest bedroom. The direction in which you want to unfold the sofa bed is also an important factor to consider, helping you choose between a clic-clac model or a three-fold design.

Additionally, it is crucial to determine whether the sofa bed will be used for daily or occasional sleeping, as this will influence the choice of mattress and the storage capacity for bedding inside the sofa bed.

Mobler gallery offers several types of Scandinavian sofa beds:

The three-fold Scandinavian sofa bed: In this configuration, the mattress is folded into three sections, giving it a thickness of approximately 6 cm, with a density of around 30 kg/m³.

The clic-clac Scandinavian sofa bed: This model is characterized by a mattress folded in two, with each part forming the backrest and seat of the sofa. The clic-clac Scandinavian sofa bed is adjustable and can take on various positions, such as semi-reclined, upright, or fully reclined. It is well-suited for limited spaces and can be used daily. For an optimal sleeping experience, it is recommended to choose a mattress topper.

At Mobler gallery, we offer a variety of Scandinavian sofa bed models, ranging from classic to contemporary Scandinavian design, suitable for all types of living spaces. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized advice in choosing the ideal Scandinavian sofa bed for your needs and space.