chest of drawers

Scandinavian chests of drawers embody the functional elegance of Nordic design. At the Copenhagen School of Design, in the mid-20th century, student designers like Borge Mogensen or Arne Vodder began by measuring folded clothes before designing a chest of drawers. This shows that Scandinavian chests of drawers are, more than any other, designed for their intended purpose. But Scandinavian chests of drawers are not just practical storage pieces, they become decorative elements in their own right, combining utility and aesthetics in perfect harmony. Discover how these versatile pieces of furniture can transform your living space.

chest of drawers

Choosing the right Scandinavian chest of drawers

Choosing the ideal Scandinavian chest of drawers depends on several essential factors to ensure that it fits harmoniously into your space. First, determine its location. In a bedroom, a Scandinavian chest of drawers with a few drawers can serve as a nightstand or storage for folded clothes. Larger chests of drawers with multiple drawers are perfect for more traditional use, providing spacious storage space. Some Scandinavian chests of drawers have up to seven drawers, and were historically called a weekly drawer because there was a drawer for clean linen for each day of the week.

If you plan to place your Scandinavian chest of drawers in an entrance or living room, focus on the aesthetic side. Look for dressers with elegant, clean designs and details that match your interior design style.

Finally, consider materials and finishes. Scandinavian chests of drawers are often made of wood, but there are also models with combinations of wood and metal. Choose finishes that blend well with the rest of your furniture.

In summary, choosing the right Scandinavian chest of drawers involves thinking about its location, its storage capacity, its design and its materials so that it is both functional and aesthetic, regardless of where it will be placed. .