Outdoor Lightning

Using Scandinavian outdoor lighting in outdoor spaces can create a special atmosphere, giving depth to the space and demarcating various zones. Opting for elegant designs can further enhance your outdoor spaces, giving them a graphic touch. Explore our range of Scandinavian outdoor lighting now.

Outdoor Lightning

How to light your outdoor spaces with Scandinavian outdoor lighting?

In the world of exterior design, the art of defining areas using lighting is becoming increasingly important. When planning to illuminate your garden with Scandinavian outdoor lighting, it is essential to think about how you plan to use each area and determine the specific purposes of your lighting. Are you looking to establish a general atmosphere or satisfy specific needs?

To guide your steps safely along garden paths, we recommend the use of bollard lights or wall lamps diffusing light directed downwards, guaranteeing adequate lighting of the ground and eliminating any risk of tripping.

If your goal is to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere, opt for smaller kiosks. Arrange them around your garden, among flower beds, at the base of trees or along fences to create small islands of light, highlighting the ambiance of your outdoor spaces.

For decks and patios, those multi-purpose areas dedicated to dining, relaxing and entertaining, choose wall-mounted lighting for general lighting. Complete the ambiance with a portable lamp or two on the tables, providing the brightness needed for outdoor dining and relaxing times.

Outdoor lighting is not limited to the functional aspect, it can also become an essential design element to enhance your outdoor spaces. Don't neglect the importance of each area and the effect that light can have to create a memorable atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace thanks to Scandinavian outdoor lighting.