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Dining tables

Discover our selection of Scandinavian dining tables, true works of art designed with noble materials and breathtaking aesthetics. The perfect alliance between their harmonious design and our Scandinavian chairs creates a soft and welcoming atmosphere for your dining room. With their trendy colors and minimalist shape, our Scandinavian dining tables will fit perfectly into your interior, bringing a touch of modernity and elegance to every meal. Get ready to redefine the style of your dining room with our magnificent Scandinavian creations!

Dining tables

The Scandinavian Dining Table: Harmony Between Space and Form

Choosing a Scandinavian dining table cannot be done lightly. It all starts with thinking about the space you have in your dining room. Small or large room? This is the question that will guide your selection.

But the size of your Scandinavian dining table is not the only factor at play. The shape of the dining room itself is of paramount importance. A square room can be a challenge to furnish. In this case, opt for a round or oval table, especially if space is limited. For an elongated dining room, a rectangular and narrow Scandinavian dining table is the ideal solution.

Keep in mind the importance of space around the table to ensure smooth circulation and provide enough space for the chairs. According to conventions, a space of at least 70 cm is recommended around a Scandinavian dining table.

Finally, don't be afraid to explore material combinations, like wood and metal, or marble and wood. By playing with materials, you can personalize your Scandinavian dining table so that it fits perfectly into your space while reflecting your unique style