Royal System by DK3

Welcome to our collection of modular Scandinavian bookshelves, the Royal System. Here, you will find different proposals for Royal System compositions, as well as all the separate elements to create your own Royal System bookshelf. The Scandinavian Royal System bookshelf configurator will assist you in finding the right composition.


Once your composition is complete, you can order the separate elements by clicking the link below.


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Royal System by DK3


The Royal System®: A Legendary Scandinavian Shelf that Redefines Space


In 1948, the ingenious Danish designer and manufacturer, Poul Cadovius, gave birth to a design monument, the modular Royal System® bookshelf. This iconic creation marked a milestone in Danish furniture history, standing out as one of the country's greatest successes. The modular Royal System® bookshelf pioneered wall-mounted furniture systems worldwide, bringing revolutionary innovation to interior design.

Cadovius addressed the challenge of bulky traditional furniture that occupied floor space. His visionary concept of the modular Royal System® bookshelf involved shifting furniture from the floors to the walls by introducing wall-mounted shelves, thereby freeing up precious space in the room.

The modular Royal System® bookshelf consists of wooden rails, shelves with brass or stainless steel hangers, as well as various modules such as dressers, drawers, and desks. These elements can be customized to create a multitude of individual combinations. In fact, Poul Cadovius claimed that the original modular Royal System® bookshelf offered no less than 16 million combination possibilities, allowing for a perfect adaptation to every space and need.

In 2010, dk3 resurrected the modular Royal System® bookshelf, offering it in a variety of wood types. This shelving system remains a timeless classic, characterized by its flexible and space-saving design, providing multiple options for personal and modern expression. The modular Royal System® bookshelf continues to embody the essence of Danish design, combining elegance, functionality, and an avant-garde approach to space utilization.