Sell your furniture with Galerie Møbler

Do you want to sell your scandinavian furniture ?

We can make them available on our website and put on display in our showroom.


1. You send us a picture :

2. We fix together a net price.

3. We establish a contract.

4. You can bring your items (or our carrier can pick it up for you)

5. We take a photo of your item, make the item available on our website and put it on display in the showroom.

6. We take care of the final shipping

7. We send you the payment


Your furniture items should be in excellent condition.

If we decide to refurbish your item (after a quote), the restoration fee will be deducted from the net price.


Website fees :

Furniture : 20 € per lot. (Lot is defined as a set of items sold in the same insertion)

Lighting, ceramics, decorative objects : 10 € per lot.



Furniture transport to our warehouse in Courbevoie is done at your own cost. You can organise it yourself or use our services. (indicative rates: Paris and the Paris region, from 80€, outside the Paris region, from 180 €)

Sale time:

If your furniture is still not sold at the end of the period established in the contract, you can get a refund or extend the contract and reduce the price .

For more information please contact us at + 33 (0)6 16 17 61 31




Article 1 - Aim

The Depositary undertakes to take custody of and look after the goods that are delivered to it by the Depositor until their sale or withdrawal by the Depositor.


Article 2 - Deposit - Showroom

The Depositary will exhibit the goods deposited by the Depositor at Galerie Møbler, 55 avenue de l’Europe, 92400 Courbevoie and on its website at


Article 3 - Reserves

Annexed to the present agreement the Depositary will attach a list of the goods that have been deposited, expressly including any reserves in case of damage noted at the time of deposit.


Article 2 - Conservation and maintenance of goods

The Depositary undertakes to take care to look after the goods and to return them in the same state as they were at the time of deposit.

The Depositor shall alone be responsible for any hidden defects in the goods that it has deposited.


Article 5 – Title and Guarantee

The Depositor declares that it has exclusive title to the deposited goods.

All goods deposited with the Depositary shall remain the full and exclusive property of the Depositor, without reserve, and this until full and final payment by a customer.


Article 6 - Insurance

The Depositary must pay to insure the goods deposited against the risks of theft, fire, water damage, lightning strike, storm, natural disasters and explosion.

In case of loss or theft of the deposited goods the Depositary will pay to the Depositor the payment that it has received from the insurance company for the lost or stolen goods.


Article 7 – Delivery / sale to customers

The Depositary will sell the goods at the price that has been agreed with the Depositor.

Sales will be made by the Depositary in the name of and on behalf of the Depositor.

The goods will only be delivered to or handed over to the customer by the Depositary when this latter has received, on behalf of the Depositor, full and final payment of the sale price of the goods.


Article 8 - Invoicing - Payment

Invoices must be issued by the Depositary at the time of delivery to the customer.


Article 9 - Fees

For each object that has been deposited the Depositor will receive a sum equal to the net seller price that has been agreed between the two parties and set out in the Annex listing the details of the goods that have been deposited.

Publishing fees will be charged for each item deposited, namely the sum of 20 Euros for each item of furniture and the sum of 10 Euros for lighting, ceramics or decorative objects. For the present purposes an item is understood to be a group of objects listed for sale together in the same advertisement.


Article 10- Duration

This agreement is concluded for a period of 6 months with effect from the date of signature.

It may be terminated by the Depositor before the expiry date if the Depositary fails to perform any one whatsoever of its missions or obligations.

If at least one of the goods deposited by the Depositor has not been sold during the lifespan of this agreement, said agreement will be tacitly renewed for the same period, unless notice to the contrary is given by the Depositor to the Depositary in writing at least 7 days before expiry of this agreement.

Upon expiry of this agreement and if it is not to be renewed the Depositor must recover its goods, at its own charge, within a period of 15 days.

Any restoration, cleaning or refurbishment fees that have been incurred must be paid by the Depositor to the Depositary.


Article 11- Exclusivity

For the duration of the present agreement the goods deposited may not be sold other than through the Depositary, under penalty of payment of a compensatory sum equal to 25% of the net sellers price as agreed between the Depositor and Depositary.