Pappelina plastic rugs

Pappelina's woven plastic rugs, inherited from Swedish craftsmanship, are the perfect touch to enhance your interior and exterior design projects. Explore all Pappelina creations now, offering 100% Swedish rugs that are both unique and environmentally friendly!

Pappelina plastic rugs

Pappelina Scandinavian rugs: design inside - outside!

All Pappelina brand rugs come to life in the Leksand weaving factory, in the heart of the Dalarna region, Sweden. In this workshop where the sound of the loom resonates, each rug is created as a unique musical piece. The choice of materials is carefully considered, with meticulous composition and exceptional quality, crafted by dedicated artisans. This creates a perfect equation that results in rugs that evoke the finesse of a Swedish work of art. Pappelina rugs are durable, have a contemporary design and burst with color.

These reversible rugs, machine washable at 30°C, are versatile and will find their place in various rooms in the house or outside, whether in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom or even the veranda and the terrace. The plastic material is resistant to the vagaries of the weather.