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All our furniture on the website and in the showroom is available for rent.

We can also provide transport. Quotation on demand.

Our fee is 18% of the net sale price and is in Euros, excluding taxes, discount, transport, and without any intellectual property right attached to the piece rented ; the duration is less or equal to 6 days. There is no discount provided for a rental of less than 6 days.


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Article 1 : Introduction

The following Furniture Hire Terms and Conditions (hereinafter called « T&C ») are concluded between two parties, Galerie Mobler, SARL, on the one hand, which capital stock is 4000€, R.C.S. NANTERRE  522 111 293, and which head office is 14 Rue Diderot - 92700 Colombes – France (hereinafter called « We » / « Us »/ « Our ») , and on the other hand, any person who places a hire order (hereinafter called « You ») of the furniture presented on the website (hereinafter called « Website »).


Article 2 : Your consent

We invite you read attentively the present T&C which define the contractual relationships between Us and You, as well as the conditions applicable to any rental requested by You.

You must accept the T&C in its entirety before placing any hire order.

After receiving your hire order form, We shall send you a quotation accompagnied by the T&C. Please return the quotation with your signature and the mark « Agreed » as stipulated in the Article 7.2.

We reserve the right to change the T&C at any time. In this case, the T&C applicable to Your order are those addressed to You together with the quotation.

In case of a disagreement, You shall not us the Website and place a hire order.


Article 3 : The nature of goods

The goods published on the Website are available for rent, a detailed description for each item is provided.

All the pictures of the goods available on the Website are provided for illustration purposes only and do not represent any contractual value, and cannot be substitute to a detailed description.


Article 4 : Hire conditions

You declare that you are 18 years of age or over and have the legal capacity or are the holder of a parental authorisation allowing you to place a hire order.


Article 5 : Availability of goods

Each item published on our Website is unique and therefore offered within the limits of the availability.


Article 6 : Price and modality of payment

The price is always indicated in euros, whatever Your billing address is.

The hire price indicated on the Website corresponds to 18% of the sale price for a period less or equal to six (6) days. We rent our furniture only by 6-days-periods and do not provide any degressive rates.

The rental price do not include transport (atYour charge) or any potential fees with regard to licenses of intellectual property rights attached to the piece rented.


Article 7 : Hire terms

7.1 Procedure

To place an order, You should contact Us :

- by e-mail :

- by telephone on : 06 16 17 61 31.

We reserve the right to refuse any order placed from a client with whom a litigation may exist or existed prior.

7.2. Quotation

Once your order is processed, We shall send you a quotation confirming

availability of the goods on the date of issue, for the required period and indicating a hire cost and a date of collection of the goods.

The goods requested for hire will be definitely booked once the signed quotation with a mark « Agreed » is returned to Us, together with a payment by cheque including taxes, subjet to availability of the specified goods on this date.

If the goods are patrially or totally unavailable, We will provide an alternative. The amended quotation should be sent to Us as described above. If you cannot agree to such a substitute, Your cheque will be returned.

As stated in Article 2, Our quoatation is sent together with the present T&C, by putting « Agreed » You also accept these T&C.

7.3 Security Deposit

Upon withdrawal of the hired goods, We will require a deposit cheque in the

amount indicated on the quotation (the value of the hired goods). Should You

refuse, the hire will be cancelled and the item will become available to the public.

The cheque will be returned to you marked « cancelled » after the joint inventory

referred to in the Article 9.2 is made upon return of the hired item, if it proves

that you returned the item in the same condition as in which you received it, as

stipulated in the joint inventory elaborated on the date of withdrawal of the goods.

The security deposit will be debited for any hired goods not returned for any

reason whatsoever.

In case of any damage, the deposit will be debited, in full or in part, for any costs

incurred by Us in repairing the goods. If the repair costs are inferior to the value

of the deposit, We shall refund you the rest of the deposit as soon as possible.

In any event, the deposit will not be returned if on the date of return of the

hired goods We have not received, for any reason whatsoever, and particularly if

there are insufficient funds in the account on which the cheque is drawn, the full

payment of the rental.


Article 8. Cancellation of order

Upon the date of receipt of the signed quotation marked « Agreed », should this occur, seventy-two (72) hours or less than seventy-two (72) hours before the date of withdrawal indicated on the quotation, You will remain liable to Us for the hire charges indicated in the quotation.

If you cancel the order more than seventy-two (72) hours before the date of withdrawal of the goods, You will be liable to Us for 30% of the amount indicated on the quoatation.

If the cancellation of the order is partial, the same timeframe and percentages shall apply to the goods concerned.


Article 9 : Collection and return of goods

9.1 By a specialised carrier

You, or one of your representatives, must be present during the withdrawal and the return of the goods at our warehouse, the address being: 39 avenue de l' Europe, 92400 Courbevoie.

You should arrange an appointment with us by email at the following address: or by phone at the following number: 06 16 17 61 31 .

Please note that the delivery and withdrawal costs will be at Your own charge.

Handling and collection of the goods should always be undertaken by a professional furniture carrier equipped with necessary equipment such as straps and blankets.

Otherwise , we reserve the right to refuse the collection of the goods. You shall then take steps to find a specialised furniture carrier.

The date and time of collection and return of the hired goods will be mentioned on the joint inventory referred to in Article 9.2.


9.2 Joint inventory

A joint inventory relative to the condition of the rented goods is made ​​at the time of withdrawal and return of the goods. Both parties shall sign the document. However, in the absence of Your signature , the inventory signed by Us will prevail and no dispute relative to its legal force will be allowed thereafter.

You shall return the rented goods in the same condition as on the date of their collection, as described in the joint inventory.

If You fail to contest the conformity of the goods in writing within twenty-four (24) hours (by a registered letter with proof of delivery) from its date of withdrawal, no claim shall be accepted.


Article 10 : Guarantee

We shall guarantee the delivery of the rented goods and their good condition for the entire rental period.

The rented items are always checked before their collection and are subject to control to ensure compliance with their description on the Website.

In the event that the rented item is faulty or damaged, not resulting from a poor maintenance on You part, which prevents You to use it as required, it is Your obligation to notify us within twenty-four (24) hours of its withdrawal, in accordance with Article 9.2. We shall substitute this item with a suitable alternative as soon as possible. In the event that the replacement item does not suit You, We shall refund the amount of the hire for a number of days when the rented item could not be properly used, starting from the date on which Your letter with acknowledgment of receipt was sent.


Article 11 : Our responsibility

We endevour everything possible to ensure the services stipulated in the present T&C.

We work with antique sellers all over Europe. All our goods on the Website are offered in accordance with current legislation and rules applicable in the country concerned.

We shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss , hacking, viruses , service interruption , or other unintended acts.

We shall not be responsible for consequential damages or other financial damages.

We will not be liable in the event of breach of our contractual obligations, caused by a fortuitous event or a force majeure.


Article 12 : Goods care

You should keep the goods in good repair and condition throughout the hire period and will comply with a normal use of the goods.


Article 13 : Your Responsibility

You will bear physical and legal responsibility for the goods hired from the time of their delivery until return to Us.

You acknowledge that the goods remain Our property solely and exclusively at all times and must not in any circumstances be sold, rent or used as security.

You shall be responsible for any damage, loss or theft of the goods unless You prove that it was not Your responsibility or that it happened by accident with regards to the loss of the hire goods.

You must not alter or modify the goods hired.

We reserve the right to take any legal action against You in the event that the amount of the secure deposit is inferior to repair costs of the damaged goods or for any prejudice caused as a result of deterioration, loss or theft of the hired goods.


Article 14: Termination

We may at our discretion notwithstanding the specified period of hire and terminate this Agreement without notice if :

- You fail to pay the hire cost amount, even after the delivery of the goods ;

- We will then require a compensation equal to the hire cost.

- We fail to deliver the goods on the expected collection day, indicated in the signed quotation and marked "Agreed."

- We will then send you the cheque attached to the quotation within five (5) days from the expected collection date.


Article 15 : Personal data protection

In order to process Your hire orders and provide You our services, We shall perform a personal data check of the client.

All mandatory personal data is essential to process Your order and provide Our services. Under the Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978 , You have the right to access and modify Your data and a right to object on legitimate grounds by contacting us at the following address :


Article 16 : Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise stipulated, all data on the Website is and remain the exclusive intellectual property of Galerie Mobler.

Reproduction in whole or in part is permitted subject to mentioning : " www.galerie - ."

Moral rights attached to the work consisting of the goods subject to the rental are perpetual and inalienable ; You shall get in touch with the creator of the goods or their rightful owners if you plan to use them for public and / or commercial use. This will ensure that such use is consistent with the creator ‘s desire.  

We shall not be liable for any infringement of moral rights of the creator when renting the goods.


Article 17 : Governing

Thes T&C are governed by French law.


Article 18 : Litigation

If You would like to submut a claim, You can contact us by email at : contact@galerie - or telephone : 06 16 17 61 31. Should an amicable solution not be possible, any legal action shall fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of common law.