Decorative objects

The Mobler Gallery offers you a selection of the most emblematic Scandinavian decorative objects: discover the wooden animals by Kay Bojesen and Hans Bølling, which evoke the playful soul of Nordic design, as well as the magnificent objects by Finn Juhl which will add a touch elegance to your space, combining functionality and aesthetics. Choosing a Scandinavian decorative object means diving into a world of creativity and refinement, where each piece tells a story and adds a note of Scandinavian charm to your interior decoration.

Decorative objects

Scandinavian decorative objects: great design for small objects

The golden age of Danish design propelled the work of Danish architects and designers onto the world stage. Today, names such as Finn Juhl, Poul Kjaerholm, Kaj Bojesen and Arne Jacobsen are well known.

The resurgence of Danish design in recent years has also opened our eyes to a category of design that, until now, was relatively unknown beyond our borders: small Scandinavian decorative objects created by these same architects and designers. These small designer objects, including figurines, candle holders, ashtrays, trays, vases, etc., are an integral part of Danish interior decoration and help to create a warm and “hygge” atmosphere, to use a term that has become very popular. fashion.

These objects present all the characteristics of Danish design: the beauty of soft lines, inspired by nature with a deep respect for raw materials, attention to detail, the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, the idea of true craftsmanship, and of course, functionality.

On an individual level, these decorative objects often display the characteristic marks of each designer: Finn Juhl's love of wood and attention to detail, Kjaerholm's fascination with stone, marble and minimalist lines, or games and games. Bølling craftsmanship. Today, these Danish decorative items have finally found their rightful place and are appreciated for what they are.