The world of Scandinavian chairs is at the heart of design history. Due to the late industrialization in Denmark and Sweden, woodworking played a significant role when design began to flourish, giving rise to a modernity infused with warmth.

The Mobler gallery's selection includes all classic and modern Scandinavian chairs from Nordic design, featuring many globally recognized icons. From the elegance of Niels Møller's Scandinavian chairs to Finn Juhl's organic forms, to the perfectly comfortable chairs designed by Hans Wegner, and even the sometimes bold innovations of Verner Panton, our collection offers unparalleled variety.


How to Choose Your Scandinavian Chairs Wisely

The preferred material of Scandinavian chair manufacturers is undoubtedly wood, and among the great icons of global design, several renowned Scandinavian chairs stand out. Among them is the famous Wishbone Chair or CH24 chair designed by Danish designer Hans Wegner in 1950, produced by Carl Hansen & Søn, as well as the No. 75 created by Danish designer Niels Møller in 1954, produced by JL Møllers Møbelfabrik.

In addition to these historically designed wooden Scandinavian chairs, there are many equally enticing contemporary chairs offered by dynamic publishers such as Hay, &Tradition, Audo Copenhagen, Form and Refine, and many others.

The seating of Scandinavian chairs is very characteristic thanks to Danish cord, available in natural or black colors, but the comfort of a wooden Scandinavian chair can be optimized with a seat made of foam covered with fabric or leather. Upholstered Scandinavian chairs are almost always customizable through the range of fabrics and leathers offered by the manufacturer, working with top Scandinavian fabric brands such as Kvadrat and Gabriel.

But Scandinavian chairs are not limited to the use of wood alone. Many designers and manufacturers have expanded their creations with chairs featuring metal frames or Scandinavian chairs with wooden legs and seats made of recycled plastic. This is the case with Scandinavian chairs like Hee Willing's 'About A Chair' or the Bouroullec brothers' 'Elemantaire,' both produced by the manufacturer HAY.