A Scandinavian cushion can change everything! It will warmly dress your sofa, your armchair or your bed, transforming it into a cozy, elegant and colorful space. The Mobler gallery offers you a wide choice of plain or patterned Scandinavian cushions, sober or colorful.


How to choose your Scandinavian cushion?

The sofa cushion is a centerpiece of your interior decoration, and the choice of cover should not be taken lightly, given the multitude of options available. In this guide, we will look specifically at choosing a Scandinavian cushion cover.

First, determine the number of Scandinavian cushions you need: Before you start, assess how many cushions will be needed to complete your decoration.

Choose the ideal color: Opt for a color that contrasts with the support on which the cushion will be placed, thus highlighting the cover rather than making it disappear.

Select the pattern that suits you: Scandinavian cushions offer a variety of patterns, you just need to find the one that matches your interior best.

Set the size of the cover: 45 x 45 cm covers are the most common and will fit most spaces. They are versatile and suitable for various situations.

Play with colors: If you plan to use several Scandinavian cushions in the same place, dare to play with colors and combine different tones for a dynamic visual effect.

In our collection of Scandinavian cushions, we have brought together the best choices available on the French market. In addition, on our site, we offer a range of Scandinavian cushions in various styles to satisfy all tastes.