Welcome to our collection of modular Scandinavian bookshelves from String Furniture. Here, you will find different proposals for String System compositions, as well as all the separate elements to create your own String System bookshelf. The Scandinavian String System bookshelf configurator will assist you in finding the right composition.


Once your composition is complete, you can order the separate elements by clicking the link below.


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String Furniture: When Functionality Becomes Timeless


String Furniture, the iconic Swedish design company, is renowned for its ingenious modular shelving system, the 'String System,' born in the late 1940s. Its unbeatable simplicity and timeless aesthetic continue to propel it to the forefront of the design scene.

The String System, a Timeless Classic

It may seem surprising that something as modest as a shelving system could become a design classic, but some creations so perfectly embody their era that they transcend decades. It all began in 1949 with a competition launched by the famous Swedish publisher Bonnier. The goal was to design a practical, affordable, and easy-to-assemble bookshelf system for Swedish book lovers. This is where Nisse Strinning comes in, with the brilliant idea that brought him into the spotlight.

Since then, String shelves have enjoyed continuous success, thanks to their unique combination of modularity, simplicity, and aesthetic lightness. The underlying principle of the String System is elementary: side rails from which elements such as shelves, sideboards, desks, etc., are freely suspended.

The Perfect System for Your Needs

A String system consists of modules suspended between two side uprights. The elements are diverse, including shelves, display cases, drawer blocks, cabinets, desks, and much more. Most of them are available in two widths (58 and 78 cm) and two depths (20 and 30 cm), with a range of finishes including white, oak, walnut, among others.

The side uprights come in the form of metal ladders, available in wall-mounted or freestanding versions, in various sizes and colors. The String System's range of accessories allows you to tailor your set to various spaces, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the office to the wardrobe, from the entryway, and much more. These accessories can be attached to either the side uprights or the metal shelves, offering total flexibility in organizing your space. String Furniture embodies the perfect fusion of functionality, elegance, and adaptability.