The Møbler gallery offers you a selection of particularly functional Scandinavian consoles with a neat aesthetic. Thanks to their design, Scandinavian consoles will find their place in an entryway, a dining room as well as in a bedroom or living room.


How to choose your Scandinavian console?

Scandinavian consoles generally have a standard height of 80 cm and feature wide, although shallow, tops, often square or rectangular. The average depth of the plateau fluctuates around 40 cm. Many Scandinavian consoles also include a lower shelf, providing added value in terms of storage.

Despite their narrow profile, Scandinavian console tables fulfill various roles: side tables in living rooms, sideboards in dining rooms, storage areas in entryways, decorative or television stands in bedrooms.

When selecting a Scandinavian console, there are a few essential factors to consider. First of all, what purpose do you intend it for? This decision will influence the type and size of the Scandinavian console to favor. If it is to serve as a buffet for your dining room, make sure it is equipped with drawers or shelves to store your table linens or display your dishes. The intended use will also guide the choice of the height of the table. For example, if it must be placed behind a sofa, make sure that it does not exceed the height of the back of it.

The location of your Scandinavian console is just as crucial. Besides the height, also measure the length. If it is intended for an entrance, make sure the table does not obstruct traffic or annoy you or your visitors. Finally, consider the style of your home. Your Scandinavian console tables come in a variety of styles, from modern to bohemian, to match any decor. This is the opportunity to respect the existing harmony or to breathe a touch of originality into your space.