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« Investing in a designer object brings a little bit of beauty into daily life »

Jérôme Levy


History and Founder

Scandinavian furniture from the mid 20th century revolutionized the history of modern design and has become an unrivalled reference in it.

Symbolic of the opening this century to new ways of life and deeply committed to modern living, its inventiveness bears witness to the synthesis that it has achieved between form and function, in which aesthetics and utility come together to make the everyday more attractive.

After 20 years spent working in communication and in audio-visual production as an artistic director on home living television programmes, Jérôme Levy, an avid vintage Scandinavian furniture bargain hunter, set up the Galerie Møbler website at the beginning of the 2000’s with the idea of creating a site that would be a reference on the subject.

The Galerie Møbler website was born from a desire to share his passion, experience and expertise in vintage Scandinavian design with other internet users and enthusiasts.

At the beginning of this century Scandinavian design is enjoying growing success and the first “Golden Age” period has now gone down in history as a modern classic, giving birth to a new contemporary trend, the New Nordic, carried by emerging international design brands and young creators.

Galerie Møbler offers a global approach to Scandinavian design, from yesterday and today, classic and contemporary, with a range of originals and re-editions from the first half of the 20th century and a selection of new contemporary creations from the year 2000 onwards.

Classic vintage pieces

The vintage pieces are older editions, mainly originals, that is to say dating from their production launch. Galerie Møbler offers pieces from the big names, acknowledged leaders like Hans J. Wegner, Arne Jacobsen or Finn Juhl,  and more affordable items from lesser-known designers.

The selection is guided by the very highest standards, quite simply because buying an original designer piece is an investment. Everything that has been chosen by Galerie Møbler meets the criteria of vintage enthusiasts, in terms of aesthetical interest, authenticity and a guarantee of origin, and in terms of the quality of its original condition or restoration.

Classic new pieces

Faced with increasing difficulty in finding vintage pieces, Galerie Møbler has extended its offer with a number of new classic pieces in the form of original editions or re-editions.

Certain manufacturers from the 1950s have never ceased production and continue to manufacture the same objects in their workshops, with different materials or norms, but retaining their original know-how and standards, such as Carl Hansen, JL Møller, or Louis Poulsen. The pieces produced under these conditions are “new originals”.

Other classic creations have returned to production by new brands that have acquired the publishing rights. These pieces conform to the originals, and are produced in scrupulous compliance with the designers’ plans, by a new publisher. These are what are known as re-editions.

Contemporary pieces

The Golden Age of Scandinavian design today feeds and inspires a wave of “New Nordic” creators. The classic brands and new brands call upon young designers from Scandinavia and other countries, whose talents are gathered around the founding values of Scandinavian design. Offers abound and are consistently renewed.

Galerie Møbler has chosen to present an exacting selection of creations that are as true as possible to their original Scandinavian heritage: furniture that is intelligent, practical, aesthetic, high quality, offering optimized consumption and a sustainable management of our daily environment – at home or at work – at affordable prices.

Most of the products that have been selected have won prestigious international design awards: Good Design Award, IF Award, Red Dot Award, Wallpaper Award, etc.

The Galerie Møbler website

In addition to its sales dimension, design enthusiasts will find information on the Galerie Møbler website about the history of Scandinavian design and its various movements, the history behind the iconic pieces and their designers.

The site also focuses on the materials chosen by these designers which, by their nobility, their modernity, their rarity and quite simply their naturalness, bear witness to the outstanding creative and innovative character of this design.

Philosophy and guarantees

Galerie Møbler offers a guarantee of quality and a label of authenticity for all of its selection, with vintage or new furniture certified and original.

Each piece is checked down to the finest detail with extreme care.

Naturally, the collections that are on display, marked by time, retain traces of their history. That is what makes each one of them so unique.

Galerie Møbler is committed to full transparency about the condition of its furniture (traces of use or restoration), both in the detailed descriptions and the clear photos.

Galerie Møbler is also committed to giving the most accurate information possible as to the colour of materials, the colours and patterns of covers, and any other important information about furniture that is intended to fit in harmony with your interior.

Classic or contemporary new pieces are produced exclusively in Denmark or in Europe. They are the work of a designer and produced by the brands with the publishing rights.

Specialist restoration workshop

Galerie Møbler has its own specialist workshop for the renovation of Scandinavian designer furniture and can therefore propose a restoration service for chairs, armchairs, settees and classic or contemporary Scandinavian furniture: upholstery, fabric or leather, Danish rope, cabinet work.

In order to guarantee the quality of its services, the Galerie Møbler Workshop works exclusively with craftsmen trained in Scandinavian restoration techniques in Paris and in Copenhagen.

The more specific pieces: Egg chair, Swan chair, Papa Bear, CH27 etc. are restored directly in Denmark by qualified craftsmen with a thorough knowledge of these models.


Galerie Møbler has a private exhibition space of 500 m2 located behind Neuilly s/Seine, close to Paris-la-Défense, in the old factories of the prestigious Delage automobile brand.

All of the vintage pieces and most of the new editions can be viewed at the showroom, as can all material, fabric and wood samples, rugs, etc.

Because each demand is specific, because each project is unique, because each client deserves special, exclusive attention.

That is why Jérôme Levy welcomes you by appointment only, 7 days a week, at a time that is dedicated entirely to you.

To make an appointment, please call +33 (0)1 43 33 20 12