Scandinavian daybeds are versatile indoor furniture pieces that can beautifully enhance a room. Mobler gallery offers you a wide range of Scandinavian daybeds, whether in classic or contemporary style.

Here, you will find quality Scandinavian daybeds that can provide both single and sometimes double sleeping options, suitable for occasional rest or even daily use. In our showroom, you will discover a selection of Scandinavian daybeds from major brands such as Innovation Living or Softline, designed by renowned Scandinavian designers.


Where Does the Scandinavian Daybed Come From?


Originating from antiquity, the daybed is a timeless piece of furniture that has transcended eras to reinvent itself in contemporary times. The Greeks and Romans used the "Greek bed" to enjoy sumptuous meals while comfortably reclining. The 1950s and Scandinavian design marked the strong comeback of the daybed in all its splendor, adding an extra touch of elegance to bourgeois living rooms.

Today, although the sofa has taken a prominent place in most living rooms, the daybed is making a strong comeback, drawing inspiration from modern Scandinavian style. Scandinavian designers continue to reinvent this daybed with an elegant, minimalist design, thus adding a distinctive touch to your decor, whether it be in a classic or modern Scandinavian style.