Small Owl in smoked oak by Paul Anker Hansen. New edition

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For years, the Owl was made by hand by Paul Anker Hansen. The Owl has inserted eyes made from wénge and maple wood. The head can move seamlessly in multiple directions to create various expressions, due to a magnet.   Designed in 1960, Paul Anker Hansen’s Owl has a mobile head that rotates to reveal new expressions. Be it wonder, contemplation or curiosity, the Owl echoes our own thoughts and offers a keen insight into what we perceive in every moment of every day.

Handmade. Smoked oak.

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Year 1960
Dimensions H 8,5 cm
Material smoked oak
Style Classique
Origin denmark
Fournisseur Architectmade

Paul Anker Hansen


Paul Anker’s design philosophy is based on an appreciation for playfulness at all stages of life. He believes that the "land of childhood is a land forever," and applies his pure passion for creativity to the design of everyday objects, infusing them with a playful and light approach that bring a new attitude and imagination to one’s life.

Paul Anker’s design career started when he took his love of animals and made them in wood as small gifts for himself and his family. He eventually began to sell his designs and a hobby was suddenly transformed into a career, bringing smiles to the faces of generations to come.