Wall sconce "Spider" 3, 5 or 7 still arms. by Serge Mouille, new edition


Wall sconce "Spider" 3, 5 or 7 still arms. by Serge Mouille, new edition *Required step

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Wall sconce"Spider" by Serge Mouille . Available with 3, 5 or 7 still arms. Price is for 3 arms sconce.  Other prices on demand.

Serge Mouille is one of the greatest French lighting designers. First of all, he has always put excellence and craftsmanship at the heart of his creations and productions.

In 1999, his wife Gin Mouille and Claude Delpiroux put back his creations in production, in Monthiers, a small village in France.

Each lamp is entirely made by hand. Our lamps are reproduced, authentically and accurately, and with unique serial numbers. There is a large variety of styles, such as, ceiling lamps, wall mounted lamps, standing lamps, desk lamps and column lamps etc.
Our authentic and original lighting is produced exclusively in France.
All models are manufactured in our workshops in France. The lighting is made to order, they are numbered and delivered with their certificate of authenticity. True to the know-how of the famous artisan craftsman, the workshop also produces models to measure, for certain models.

Black matt lacquered stretched aluminum. The inside of the reflector is always shiny white. Rotation possible up to 270 ° and inclination up to 55 ° of the reflector.42W max - bulb E27 included.

Year 1954
Dimensions Voir schema
Material Arm in steel, reflector in Aluminium, Swivel in brass
Style Classique
Origin France
Fournisseur Editions Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille

Born in Paris in 1922 Serge Mouille develops very early a drawing passion. He finds his models in Garden of Plants in Paris where he spends whole hours to draw plants and animals. On the advice of his art teacher, he joins to an entrance examination of the Applied Arts where he passed the exam at thirteen years old, the youngest pupils in his time.


His master, Gabriel Lacroix will make of him a master in Art of model metal with a hammer. He is immediately enrolled with Hénin Orfèvre, where he led in the middle of skilled worker, all older than him.


After the war, being run away to escape the STO, Serge Mouille started to work for oneself for many Houses. He is a famous craftsman recognized by every people. In 1954, he succeed to Gabriel Lacroix at the head of the metal workshop at the school of Applied Arts. During 44 years, he devoted his life to teaching and research on metal through studies, drawing and mono cutting.


It is the meeting with Jacques Adnet, director of the Company of the French Arts, in 1951 that will be a turning point in Serge Mouille’s life. Indeed, he asks him to design a big lamp for his South American customers. Serge Mouille sets to work and passes from craftsman to creator artist with the famous Black lightings series. The standing-lamp three arms and the standing lamp one arm will be both first models.


In 1956, Steph Simon, owner of a gallery on the Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris which was a real spearhead in the movement whose goal was functional incorporation of design in interior decoration, contact Serge to diffuse his lightings beside Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand and Isamu Noguchi’s pieces of furniture. It’s the time of success.



1962 : The world had changed. Serge Mouille, since ten years, must have to manage at once his teaching career and his other as a lightings designer. He had health troubles, fell out with Steph Simon and he was keen to steer clear of everything that he had already done. He created the serie of light columns by using the new fluorescent tube.

Both series are so different to the point that they could easily be thought to be the work of different designers. It’s a lack of understanding and mixed success.


His health toubles obliged him to make a choice, teaching one. In 1963 his lightings production was stopped.


He died in Christmas night 1988n defeated by disease.