Scandinavian ceramic pichet, model AXQ

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Scandinavian ceramic pichet, model AXQSigned.

Year 1960's
Condition Excellent vintage condition
Dimensions H : 23 cm, L : 9 cm, Ø : 4 cm
Material Ceramic
Style Classique
Origin Sweden
Fournisseur Rörstrand

Gunnar Nylund

Sweden (1904-1997)

Active both in Sweden and Denmark, the ceramist Gunnar Nylund is best known for his work for the manufacturer Rörstrand.

Son of a Danish mother and Finnish father, ceramist and painter, Gunnar naturally studied architecture in Copenhagen in 1920.

Experiencing difficulties in finding a job as an architect, Nylund uses his talent for ceramics acquired in the family workshop and applies for a job at Bing & Gröndahl in Copenhagen. After spending there 5 years, he decided to create his own studio, Saxbo with Danish ceramist Natahalie Krebs he met at Bing & Gröndahl.

Nylund experimented with new forms, while Krebs worked enamels. It was at the exhibition at Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm in 1930 that Gunnar Nylund was spotted by Rörstand.

During the 1930s Nylund creates modernist, light and graceful stoneware pieces.

Chamotte is a crude clay at a temperature of 1300 - 1400 ° C, ground and screened. Then mixed with earth modeling, it helps to give it structure.

After the war, Nylund produces more asymmetrical works of abstract lines.

In 1959 Gunnar Nylund served as artistic director at Nymölle he left after a few years freelancing for Rörstrand and Strömbergshyttan.

His latest project is the creation of his own studio in Malmo, specializes in working with glass and metal sculpture.