Michael and Thomas Asplund founded Asplund Gallery to exhibit furniture as objects of fine art, and vice versa. Michael, originally an art dealer, had long thought about combining art and design within a business venture. In 1990, Thomas Asplund left his job as banker to team up with his brother. With their unconventional backgrounds, the duo brought fresh ideas to the industry. Seeing furniture as objects of art was a new way of thinking that quickly caught on. The Asplund brothers asked Jonas Bohlin to design the original Asplund Gallery in Stockholm. With its concrete floors and white washed walls, it was the quintessence of scandinavian light. The gallery soon became a stage for contemporary Swedish design. Exhibits featured work by the likes of Jonas Bohlin, John Kandell and Thomas Sandell. The Asplund brothers began to develop their own line of furniture and design pieces under the name EDITION ASPLUND. Among the first items released was a CD rack and a stool, both designed by Thomas Sandell. The stool, released under the name Wedding Stool, was originally created as a wedding gift for Jonas Bohlin and his bride.

By the end of 1995, Asplund had outgrown its original site and moved to larger premises. A showroom, three times the size, was chosen on Sibyllegatan 31. Sandra Adrian Asplund, Creative Director, joined the team in 1995 to define and develop the different parts of the company.

In these early years Asplund Collection was exhibited under the joint-venture name SWECODE, short for Swedish Contemporary Design, at furniture fairs in Stockholm, Cologne and Milan, together with BOX, CBI, David Design and Forminord. The idea was together as a group, they could market Swedish design globally in a more powerful way. It became a success and all eyes were on Scandinavia.

Asplund’s exhibitions and design collaborations includes work by renowned international designers, such as Tom Dixon, David Mellor, Piero Lissoni, Ole Palsby, Jasper Morrisson, Marc Newson and the late James Irvine, alongside contemporary Swedes. The Asplund store, which is now a hybrid between a gallery, a shop and a living room is considered a global design attraction. Here, the Asplund Collection is mixed with items from up-and-coming designers and esteemed brands such as B&B Italia, Cappellini, Flos, Living Divani and Artemide.

The Asplund Collection has grown substantially and is selling around the world through a network of dealers. The trend among furniture brands is to outsource production abroad, but Asplund is determined to keep most manufacturing within Sweden. Michael Asplund explains: “We produce all our furniture in Sweden, as well as a large proportion of our accessories. This way we benefit the Swedish furniture industry, while observing ethical and environmentally friendly production processes. Our rugs are made in India since 20 years back, mostly because there is no corresponding carpet production available in Sweden today.”


In recent years we have been focusing on new energy, influences, materials and techniques. Looking at natural elements combined with new surfaces as a key inspiration. Natural materials feels vivid and changes gracefully over time. By combining contrasting natural materials like stone, metal and glass you get very different looks on the same design. Successful furniture collections like Tati and Frame were born out of this. Asplund also continiously explores cultural sources. An example of this is ”A Turkish Love Affair” featuring Kilim carpets inspired by both Turkish and Swedish traditions. By mixing old techniques with modern patterns for a fresh, contemporary style. In the last few years interior design and contract services were introduced, since clients were increasingly asking how to make homes, offices or public spaces, more homely and personal. Now included in our creative ASPLUND STUDIO where reseach and development, creative direction, construction, interiors and kitchens are produced. Also, ASPLUND CONTRACT have been established to meet the demands from the rising real estate and hospitality markets.

In 2014, ASPLUND launched ASPLUND KÖK with two kitchen series, Land, designed by Johannes Norlander and Plain, designed by Stina Sandwall. A kitchen for people who love to cook and also meet our own demands regarding quality, function and aesthetics. ASPLUND's kitchen are manufactured in Sweden, on demand.


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