Gärsnäs was founded in 1897. It is a family-owned company, managed since 2003 by Anna and Dag Klockby along with Åke Axelsson. Åke designed his first chair for Gärsnäs in 1963 and since then he has designed over 100 more. Production takes place in Gärsnäs, Skåne, but if you would like to see and feel our furniture, then visit our showroom in Stockholm. On Skeppsbron we have furnished a suite of rooms for you to experience the furniture in its proper setting. Welcome!

We make furniture for people.
Not for art or cost-efficiency, but for those who will use it.
We make our furniture for your home. For the hotel, you visit and the dining-rooms you eat in. For your meals, your meetings, your moments for yourself.
For us, every piece of furniture has its own purpose. We make each piece in a unique way. Yet always with the same idea.
It must be beautiful to look at, lovely to sit in and durable enough to use. Over and over again.
That’s why we started Gärsnäs, where the timber grew next to the factory. Ash, oak and beech. With passionate craftsmanship that respects every growth ring. And a devotion to passing knowledge on.

It has been 125 years now, and we still follow the same philosophy today. With the same materials, in the same factory, with the same skills created over generations.
But our most important work is not done in Gärsnäs.
It is done everywhere.
For us, every piece of furniture is a journey of discovery. An exploration through time and space. Through the history of craftsmanship and the future of design. To the place where our furniture meets you who will use it.
If we are to make furniture for people, then we must never stop wondering. Never stop asking and never stop being astonished. We have to always search, try, fail and improve until each angle is well thought-out and every detail has a purpose.
This is how we build furniture at Gärsnäs.
With classic craftsmanship.
Genuine materials.
And a never-ending curiosity.

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