Nozib Sun Lounger.

€ 3,480.00 Incl. VAT
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Nozib Sun Lounger. An extravagant duo: a spectacular sun lounger made from 88 meti- culously assembled teak parts, with neck cushion in water resistant artificial leather. And the teak Lounge Chair with its unique, yet a tad more conventional look. Both of them fold neatly away.

Dimensions W:51 D:169 H:102 cm. Seat height: 31 cm.
Material Teak, artificial leather
Style Contemporain
Origin Sweden
Fournisseur Skargaarden

Nils Ole Zib

“Good design is not the result of addition, where nothing more can be added; excitement first comes when everything unnecessary has been peeled away, and nothing else can be removed.” The words are Nils-Ole Zib’s, and while they might sound boring, or downright pretentious when yet another designer says he follows the “less is more” principle, Nils-Ole’s furniture really holds to this. Like the Nozib deckchair. And you realise how subjective everything is. In all its total simplicity, it simultaneously works as a sculpture, a shadow play, and a work of art.