Fabric per meter Gabriel Swing (29 colour)


Fabric per meter Gabriel Swing (29 colour) *Required step

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Swing affects the senses and leaves you with the impression of a beautiful and functional fabric that catches the eye with its lively surface and the depth of its geometric pattern, while your fingers can appreciate its softness and lightness and the tightly woven structure.

Swing is inspired by the world of handicrafts, where an artist shapes and creates a work with tiny irregularities and a unique identity. In the same way Swing with its combination of New Zealand wool and recycled polyester and its geometric structure creates a wonderful, living impression. An impression in line with today’s trends, where uniqueness is the goal, and where small imperfections are precisely what makes the impression perfect.

The special combination of materials creates a functional, strong fabric with good upholstery qualities, just as the fabric appears as soft and inviting. The softness and the inviting colours make the fabric ideally suited to use both in public and private areas.

The palette of available colours is just as light and lively as Swing’s geometric impression. The palette consists of 29 colours that range from the classic to the really lively colours that radiate freshness and optimism. The colours are beautiful and useful combinations of two shades that on close inspection bring out the structure, and at a distance create the light, lively surface.

Runner is in itself a highly visual and eye-catching fabric which the new colour palette helps to support. The palette’s source is nature’s own colours, ranging from nature’s lively and iridescent tones of yellow and green to warm and classic nuances of blue and red. Runner is coloured to enable its use in every interior, meaning that clear primary colours together with beautifully matched and soft composite colours are represented. Finally, a scale of greyish and golden nuances creates an impression of noble metals, which extends Runner’s possibilities for modern upholstering and furnishing.

Runner has Oeko-Tex certification and is 100% free of heavy metals.

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The fabrics cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Complete specifications and certificate list on demand.

Dimensions 140 cm wide
Material 54% Wool / 44% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester / 2% Polyamide
Style Neuf
Origin Denmark
Fournisseur Gabriel