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Straw Chair. What makes Straw unique is the way in which the tubular steel has been deformed. Instead of forming the frame in gentle bends, the designers Osko + Deichmann have folded the steel tubes. Straw received with the Forum +1 Award at the 2010 Stockholm Furniture Fair. "Galvanised and lacquered ”kinked” ”tubular steel. Plastic feet. For indoor and outdoor use." Available in many colours : black, white, grey, light grey and silver. Also in red, aubergine, dark green, midnight blue and taupe. 

Dimensions Seat Height : 36 cm. OH : 75 cm. W : 61 cm. D : 66 cm.
Material Steel, plastic.
Style Contemporain
Origin Sweden.
Fournisseur Blå Station

Osko & Deichmann

Osko + Deichmann; Blasius Osko, born 1975 in Danzig and Oliver Deichmann, born 1975 in Stuttgart. Educated at UDK, previously HDK, University of Fine Arts in Berlin where they studied industrial design and got to know each other. 

A colourful & dynamic design duo, working out of the intensive design culture that is Berlin. Two cool guys full of energy and curiosity with integrity, and a warm sense of humour who question objects we are surrounded by and use regularly.

To see things from a new perspective is what drives them forward. They see themselves as aesthetical and technical problem solvers. Both love the design process and are constantly exploring ways to improve things, and make them smarter and different.

With great respect to the old masters, they turn things upside down, inside out, and evaluate pros and cons in the quest for the undiscovered.