Furniture care kit for wood oiled furniture

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Furniture care kit for wood oiled furniture : 1 wood cleaner 500ml, 1 wood oil 500ml, 2 stainless steel wire ball, 1 soft cloth. 

Guardian Wood Cleaner is developed especially for cleaning and degreasing indoor wood surfaces, which are not lacquered. The wood cleaner is produced from natural soaps and is an effective universal cleaning agent for wood. Mix with hot water and apply along the grain with a soft, lint free cloth or sponge, and then scrub. If the wood becomes uneven or rough after the use of Wood Cleaner, use steel wire ball and sand with light pressure along the grain. 

Apply Guardian Wood Oil along the grain with a soft, lint free cloth or sponge. When treating table tops both sides should be treated. Guardian Wood Oil does not contain turpentine or other solvents, and therefore the drying time is longer than for other kinds of oil.

The use of wood oil is recommended 4-6 times pr. year.

Guardian Wood Oil has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute and has been awarded “The Indoor Climate Label”.