Kavai armchair. Metal frame.


Kavai armchair. Metal frame. *Required step

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Scandinavian armchair model Kavai.
Small in stature, Kavai fits any space - only one for the reading corner, or a pair in the living room, or a group in an entrance hall. Kavai is distinguished by its slim shell and generous armrests. The armrests envelop the body like a coat that protects the neck from winter cold.

When designing the Kavai chair, Hallgeir Homstvedt focused on the importance of a good armrest. He discovered that to fully relax in a sitting position, what to do with your hands is just as important as the softness of the seat. The angle of the armrest on KAVAI is gradually reduced towards the back, thus offering a support to your arms while leaving enough room for the elbows to slide to a comfortable height.

Samples visible at our shoswroom.

Dimensions H : 73 cm. W : 80 cm. D : 67 cm. Seat height : 41 cm.
Material Céramique
Style Contemporain
Origin Norway
Fournisseur Hjelle

Norway Says Hallgeir Homstevedt