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Savanna is an upholstery textile, which combines different types of yarns and materials to offer distinctive depth and richness. It has been created by acclaimed Danish designers, Aggebo & Henriksen.

The designers blended yarns with contrasting characters to give Savanna an elegant and sophisticated structure: it fuses shiny yarns, matt yarns and bouclé yarns. As a result, Savanna features a rich, irregular surface, which reveals an eye-catching play of details when seen from close up.

Savanna comes in 12 refined and natural colourways, each of which projects a unique sense of depth. Some combine neutral yet strong colours, such as dark coffee and charcoal; others consist of more understated tones, like cream and wheat; the rest fuse understated hues with stronger shades.

Intriguingly, the look of Savanna varies from colourway to colourway: some have a graphical character, while others have a softer, more neutral look. Additionally, the colours emerge in an organic, irregular way. The difference between the textiles has its roots in the inspiration behind them. The structure and colours of Savanna are inspired by the openness and variety of natural surfaces on a savanna. These include grass, earth, bark and stone. Aggebo & Henriksen: ‘The collection tells the story of the rhythm of a 24-hour period on the savanna.’

Mathilde Aggebo and Julie Henriksen are one of Denmark’s most innovative design teams. They have worked together since meeting at the Danish Design School in 1991. A recurring theme in their work is the idea of taking the everyday and turning it into something unique to challenge perceptions. In doing so, they often work in great detail and magnify the results again and again.

The designers have worked on many leading interior design projects and exhibitions, including creating stage curtains for the Queens Hall in the Royal Danish Library, designing signage for the Copenhagen Business School, creating the graphic identity for the Tietgenkollegiet in Copenhagen and working on assignments for Bodum, Paustian and FDB.

The fabrics cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Year 2013
Condition New
Dimensions 150 cm wide
Material 34% polyester, 31% wool, 26% acrylic, 4% cotton,3% polyamide, 2% linen
Style Neuf
Origin Denmark
Fournisseur Kvadrat

Mathilde Aggebo and Julie Henriksen