Fabric per meter Gabriel Harlequin (17 colour)


Fabric per meter Gabriel Harlequin (17 colour) *Required step

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Harlequin's fine mesh structure almost floats on the surface, allowing a discreet glimpse of the extraordinary depth to be found in the fabric. Harlequin has many facets: It is functional, tight and stable, and also soft, elegant and fresh. With these qualities, Harlequin is suitable for furniture with an elegant, classical and minimalist expression and high functionality.

Harlequin has an airy three-dimensional structure with its perforated and light surface layer. With its characteristic Harlequin pattern, the design evokes memories of classical upholstery fabric. Harlequin is ideal whether used as a mesh fabric or the weight-bearing surface fabric for furniture or backrests, where its stretchability and three-dimensional structure ensure good stability and comfort. Harlequin is both streamlined and elegant when stretched on partition walls, and stable and comfortable when used for complete furniture upholstery. An elegant fabric with many uses.

Harmony with new colours
Harlequin’s original palette of colours, which was based on Mondrian's preferred colours, has been brought up to date with fresh tones and bright primary colours, soft pastel shades and deep, elegant nuances. The colours have been carefully chosen to bring out the fabric's depth and elegance, while creating harmony between fabric and colour. The palette also includes a tasteful beige and powdery green. The sophisticated combinations across the spectrum thus contribute to Harlequin's elegance and advanced qualities.

Harlequin has a strong environmental profile, as it bears the Oeko-Tex health label and is made of 100% recyclable polyester.

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Dimensions 160 cm wide
Material 100% Polyester
Style Neuf
Origin Denmark
Fournisseur Gabriel