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Comfort+ is…
Thoroughly tested - we offer a ten year warranty, Hard-wearing,Dirt-resistant, Flexible, Eco-friendly, Antistatic, Fire-resistant, Washable up to 74ºC, Breathable
It is also a textile that…Offers many options - welding, print etc. Has a soft, sophisticated surface.Maintains its appearance year after year. Is available in 77 colours. Thoroughly tested – ten years' guarantee.We offer ten years' guarantee against pilling and wearing out in normal use – and we do it with ease.Hard-wearing. Comfort+ is as good as imperishable. Beneath its soft, sophisticated surface lies a wearability of right up to 150,000 Martindale (previously 100,000 Martindale). Dirt-resistant.

Comfort+ is water and oil-repellent to an even greater degree than previously and thereby more resistant to dirt and stains – making the textile extremely easy to care for. The underlying secret of Comfort's excellent upholstery properties lies in the composition of the textile. Microfibre is "worked into" a finely-meshed, elastic network with the help of a water-based process. This results in incredibly uniform stretchability, both longitudinal and transverse. And unsurpassed dimensional stability that prevents wrinkling – even after many years of use. Rounded shapes can be upholstered without problems and a beautiful end result can be achieved without backing. Comfort+ is Oeko-Tex 100 accredited. No organic solvents are used in production as is normally the case with microfibre textiles so there is no harmful environmental impact. In addition Comfort+ has a high content of recycled polyester fibre.

Comfort+ has improved antistatic properties – both at high and low humidity – also after being washed. Special antistatic fibres form part of the textile's composition. This is not a property achieved through finishing treatment. It results in lasting prevention of problems with the indoor climate in the form of shocks and sparks caused by static electricity in surroundings characterised by low humidity and many products containing synthetic materials, such as computers and carpets. Comfort+ is flame-proofed with built-in fire-resistant fibres in an eco-friendly way. It passes both the Cigarette and Match Fire Test with standard 28 kg CMHR fire-resistant foam (previously only the Cigarette Test).

It can be given finishing treatment so that it passes the English Crib 5 fire test and the German B1 test. Comfort+ can be machine washed at right up to 74 degrees (previously 60 degrees). It thereby fulfils requirements for use in the care and hospital sectors. Comfort+ can also be disinfected with ethanol.

Comfort+ allows the body to breathe and thereby provides the perfect sitting comfort. Comfort+ is ideal for the home, companies and institutions and it can be adapted to specific needs with the help of finishing treatment in the form of welding, print, liquid-repellent treatment, flame-retarding treatment, etc.

Comfort+ is a furniture textile that resembles suede and is soft and comfortable to sit on. Functional and sophisticated at one and the same time.

Comfort+ is indisputably the best microfibre on the market. It does not pill and retains its colour and appearance year after year. It is also easy to care for and stains can be removed easily and without problems. Anything is possible with 77 colours. From the most delicate pastels to a colour explosion.

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The fabrics cannot be exchanged or refunded. 

Complete specifications and certificate list on demand.

Dimensions 140 cm wide
Material 88% polyester/12% polyurethane incl. antistatic fibers and fire retardant fibers in the backside
Style Neuf
Origin Denmark
Fournisseur Gabriel