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One of Danish architect Arne Vodder’s favourite pieces of furniture was the AV Egoist chaise longue he designed in the early 1950s, only a few of which were made. 

A rarity, timeless and unique, the AV Egoist chaise longue was a personal favourite of Danish architect and designer Arne Vodder (1926-2009). Even so, only a few were manufactured after it was designed in the early 1950s. This is now being made up for. Danish manufacturer Sibast Furniture has delved into the archives – together with Michael Vodder, son of Arne Vodder – and, with the help of some old drawings, measurements and a few photos, their joint efforts have succeeded in recreating the chaise longue, which Michael Vodder doesn’t hesitate to call his father’s signature piece of furniture

The AV Egoist chaise longue is available in walnut or FSC-certified oak in finishes soap, white oil, natural oil, dark oil and smoked. Woven shoulder leather in black, brandy and nature. The chaise longue is available with a cushion for the back of the head, as well as a side table of brass and solid oak or walnut.

Please notice! The side table is sold seperately

Year 1951
Dimensions H110 x L57 x W57 cm
Material oak / leather
Style Classique
Origin Denmark
Fournisseur Sibast Furniture

Vodder, Arne

Arne Vodder

1926- 2009

Arne Vodder graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts. From 1951, he had his independent studio in collaboration with architect Anton Borg, making 1.100 lowcost type houses until end 60s. In 1975 Arne Vodder went solo. Being a student of the Danish furniture designer Finn Juhl and having him as a mentor, his designs are influenced by roundings and organic shapes, while preserving their functionality. Especially his wooden furniture produced by the Danish furniture producer Sibast had an appeal to the US market as Danish Modern.

His sofa in leather from 1953 has a simplified shell and upholstery of a complex technique, made by the Danish cabinetmaker Ivan Schlecter, being one of the few capable to make it. In his and Anton Borg’s sofa for the Danish furniture maker Slagelse Møbelfabrik no. 813 from 1958, the simplicity, sharp angled, and square look point in the direction of the mainstream of the 1960s upholstered furniture groups. The Danish furniture companies Gesten Maskinsnedkeri and Rasmus Koch Design, together with Arne Vodder, redesigned his sideboard model 29A with cabinets in formica aiming at the new millennium’s rush for midcentury designs. Also, sofa models from the 50s and 60s are still within the repertoire of the Danish furniture company Nielaus’ designs. Literature and media source:

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