Ceramic table lamp. Glazed stoneware. Unique piece.

€ 450.00 Incl. VAT
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Ceramic table lamp. Glazed stoneware.
Unique piece handmade by ceramist Sylvie Barbara in her French workshop Una Maati.
E27 bulbs. Shade not included, extra charge: +€25

Year 2019
Dimensions H 30 cm. Ø 14 cm
Material Ceramic
Style Contemporain
Origin France
Fournisseur Una Maati

Sylvie Barbara

Ceramist - France

After studying at the Beaux Arts in Dijon and a career in graphic design, Sylvie Barbara turned to ceramics, and launched the brand Ona Maati, woman-land, to present all of her work. She is a craftsman-designer referenced by the art workshops of France.
She uses various sandstone lands of different textures and colors for utilitarian and decorative pieces.
His enamels, stemming from personal research, seek to be material even before being color, to dialogue with the used earth. The shades, sober, evoke the nature,
Sometimes the pieces are engraved enriching the material of the enamel.
The adventure of lamps was born from his meeting with Jérôme Levy who came to his studio to deepen his knowledge of ceramics. The challenge was launched and for Sylvie who already loved working on the theme of the vase, the ceramic lamp was also an opportunity to reflect on unique pieces with a large repertoire of shapes and textures possible.