3 Aves birds by Co Derr

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Aves is created by Swedish architect and artist Co Derr. Co Derr was very keen on finding the essentials of the motive bird, and throughout his career he tried to simplify the shape of Aves until he reached a form, that could be perceived as the essence of a bird. In that way Aves stands as a testimony of the eternal essential shapes that lie behind timeless designs. Aves comes in three different sizes and they differ from one another. This accentuates the statement that there is something unique in the general.

Price is for the set of 3.

Year 1960
Dimensions Small : H3,5 cm, Medium : H4,5 cm, Large : H6,5 cm
Material Solid polished brass
Style Classique
Origin Sweden
Fournisseur Architectmade

Co Derr

Swedish designer

Throughout his career Co Derr had a passion for refined lines; he was especially interested in the shape of birds. Co Derr was trained by Le Corbusier. In the course of his illustrious career, Co Derr has received many awards.

Among others he participated in the Olympic Games Art Exhibition in London in 1948 and was awarded an Olympic medal for his contribution.