Mid century modern scandinavian Original Shelf 1+1 glass

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Modern people need modern furniture to accommodate modern requirements in modern homes. That was the thinking behind Poul Cadovius’s unique, visionary and award-winning Abstracta® System, which was launched back in 1962. That conviction still applies today, as a brand new generation of the Abstracta® System is ready to meet modern people’s demand for functional, stylish design.

The philosophy at the root of the new generation is exactly the same as back in 1962, as is the design and the countless combination options. However, the colour and material options have changed with the times. But the biggest modification is the core of the system - the connectors that, so to speak, hold the structures together. Whereas they used to be made of metal, in the new generation they are made of composite, which is lighter and stronger than conventional materials. This makes the Abstracta® System more unique than ever.

Nothing Redundant

When it comes to stability, a lot of modern designer furniture is fitted with struts or crossbars, welded on or screwed in, to hold the structure together. Abstracta® System isn’t. The patented connectors are so strong and stable that anything else would be redundant. That means that the Abstracta® System keeps its shape whatever load it is subjected to. Abstracta is stylish design with no jarring elements.

The simplicity of the Abstracta® System

The system consists of 13 mm powder-coated round steel tubes in various colours and lengths; and connectors and shelves in various materials, such as metal, glass,stone and wood. Abstracta® System is the obvious accessory for any room in a modern home, or a modern office or shop, where simplicity and function are top priority.

Award-winning System

Over the years, the Abstracta® System has won countless design awards both in Denmark and abroad, including the 1992 ID Award in Denmark. It has also featured in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Assembly required

For perfect stability and as a safety measure, the bookcase must be fixed to the wall by at least one hanging point. Items provided.

Dimensions H178 x L122 x D36 cm
Material 13mm round powder-coated steel tubes /Tempered glass with polished edges, 6mm
Style Classique
Origin Denmark
Fournisseur Abstracta system

Poul Cadovius

Denmark (1911 - 2011)

Poul Cadovius was born in Copenhagen in 1911 and was originally trained as a saddler and upholsterer. He was a successful designer who had a great influence on the furniture industry and design.

In 1948, Cadovius designed the shelving  system ROYAL SYSTEM®, which through the 50s, 60s and 70s perhaps was the greatest furniture success the Danish furniture industry had ever had.

Poul Cadovius is one of the most versatile and successful personalities in Danish furniture industry’s history. “Architect, designer, self-taught inventor, manufacturer, innovator, the furniture industry’s ‘enfant terrible’ - the titles are many”, as the author Henriette Houth writes in her book ”Kassebogen”. Poul Cadovius was an ambitious and constantly seeking person. When he didn’t design or produce furniture, he was driving racing cars or building luxury yachts at his own Saghitta shipyard in Svendborg.

And there are many stories: When a sailboat customer claimed bad sailing-performance on a Saghitta 35,  Poul took the boat and sailed ”around Zealand” - and won. Poul Cadovius managed to take out over 400 patents -the last as a 90-year-old. Both his life and designs testify to a genuine figure that went his own way to the delight of us all.