Mats Theselius

During the 20th century, furniture and architecture have been characteristically functional. This functionalism involves a clear perception of society and human kind -a belief that, with technological development, we have advanced so far that we can stand alone, with no need of images and symbols. But this cultural "evolution"has encountered resistance in the past few decades; development is continuing, but we do not feel that we are developing. In this standstill, people are tempted and, perhaps, forced to seek new images. Mats Theselius furniture projects various images and potential associations that are remote from clinical functionalism. Thus, the bear more resemblance to furniture predating the modern period. Various stylistic features and materials are juxtaposed. in a functional and logical world, they bear o pictorial language that gives them in situ, the aspect of objects from a world we recognise, yet one that is unfamiliar. Perhaps, quite simply, it is a world we have not yet seen.

Born in Stockholm 1956 University College of Arts Crafts and Design Konstfack, small scale architecture Stockholm 1979-84
Professor at HDK School of design & crafts, Chalmers University, Gothenburg 1995-96.
Associate of The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts 2011-

Mats Theselius works in the field between art & design. Mats works with different design commissions as well as his own production, exhibitions, set design, installations, books, film and music. Mats Theselius also produces his own unique custom made armchairs.

IKEA scholarship 1984 Swedish state art fondation. 1986 & 1988 Swedish Form society, travel scholarship 1989 Swedish Form society, design award 1991 & 1995 Comfort Prize, Du Pont, Cologne 1991 Dagens Nyheter (Daily News) design prize 1991 Bruno Mattsson prize 1997 Torsten & Wanja Söderbergs design prize 1997 International Yearbook of Design,” Victoria” for Authentics 1998 Red point, Design innovations 1998 Design Zentrum Nordrein Westfalen, ”POM ” for Brühl & Sippold 1998 Chair Of The Year Sköna Hem magazine 2001 The Object for Minus Tio, Wallpaper Design Awards 2011 Raval tile collection for Marrakech Design, Elle Interior 2011