Alfredo Häberli

Acclaimed designer Alfredo Häberli has created a collection of upholstery fabrics for Kvadrat, made from Trevira CS featuring three innovative designs, which stand out for their elegance and vibrant colours: Highfield 2, Greenfield and Plot. The sophisticated colour palettes of the collection share many colours, several of which reveal intriguing nuances when given a second look. They are composed of a combination of subtle, natural shades, such as beige, and highlight hues, such as China red. All the colours for the fabrics are created by combining two different tones, with the exception of the red and black colour settings. Alfredo Häberli: ‘It was the aim to make fabrics using two different coloured yarns. This method creates ‘new’ colours with very different and appealing characters.’ The designs also share other characteristics. For instance, Highfield 2 and Greenfield feature intriguing organic patterns, which reveal subtle details and hidden depths as the viewer gets closer. Furthermore, the top layer of both designs is made from Plot. As a result, all three fabrics can easily be combined to eye-catching effect. However, whilst the designs have a number of attributes in common, and complement each other well, each has an unmistakably individual expression. All are suitable for both residential and contract usage. 

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