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After 15 years of existence, Mobler gallery opened its own design studio in 2023. JL Studio offers fully customized furniture, entirely made in France. Nightstands, desks, dressers, and buffets are among the offerings.

In 2010, Jérôme Lévy founded the Møbler gallery, specializing in Scandinavian furniture and primarily offering original collector's pieces. Then, in 2015, the gallery gradually expanded its range to include new pieces of classic modern style, still produced or reissued by renowned Nordic brands such as Carl Hansen, PP Møbler, or Louis Poulsen. In 2020, contemporary brands like Hay, Asplund, or Blå Station, and renowned designers like Hee Willing or Cecilie Manz were added to the collection.

Over the course of these 15 years of sales and consulting experience, Jérôme Lévy noticed a growing demand for small customized furniture that could perfectly fit individual interiors and meet the requirements of limited spaces. Consequently, he decided to create his own line of 100% customized furniture, which can be produced in single units or larger quantities, while always being customizable. Bookcases, bedside tables, desks, dressers, high and low buffets, and entryway furniture are offered according to the client's desired dimensions and finishes.

Inspired by Scandinavian culture and values, Jérôme Lévy offers functional furniture with clean lines, crafted in a traditional manner using high-quality materials.

Each piece is designed with its intended function, room placement, and user habits in mind. Before deciding on the dimensions of a drawer, it is essential to consider what it will contain. For instance, when Kaare Klint, the father of Danish design, asked his students to design a dresser, he had them measure the folded shirts it would hold. This approach optimizes storage space, the final volume of the furniture, the shelf durability in the case of a bookshelf or display cabinet, and ensures optimal ergonomics for the best user experience.

All furniture designed by JL Studio is manufactured in France by skilled artisans who prioritize environmental sustainability and minimize carbon footprint. The wood used comes from responsibly managed forests, organic adhesives are used, and the finishes are water-based and free from polluting components.

Finally, each piece comes with a 10-year guarantee, demonstrating JL Studio's absolute commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the durability and longevity of their creations.

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