How Belysningsbolaget became Bsweden
The company name of 17 letters in Swedish was completely unpronounceable in any country where English is the first language. Hearing it was impossible to say prompted a quick change of name into the friendlier, quicker and simpler Bsweden.

Bsweden was founded in 1993 by Gunnel Svensson, who had good design and high quality all around her groving up at nearly hundred-year-old family funiture company Svenssons in Lammhult, studied at Politécnica in Milan and interior architecture in Denmark.
Quality and design has seen Bsweden's lamps travel from our factory in the Småland forests to illuminate lives and locations all over the world. On their journey, our lamps have won many prestigious awards.

Peter Nilsson's chandelier Kumulus in a specially designed model of over six meters, was sold to the department store Harrod's in London.

Kumulus can also be seen at Hotel Lisboa in Maccao and Terence Conran has chosen Manhattan for its Great Eastern Hotel. In Sweden there are lamps in both private homes and public environments.

Gunnel's Manhattan pendant after more than twenty years still belongs to one of the company's best sellers. Among the latest additions to our collection we are very happy to introduce two new lamps from designer Anna Berglund ,the VALBORG and the TRATTEN series. Of course, both are handmade in finest Swedish Glass.

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