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MOGENS K Furniture was originally founded by the owner Mogens Kragelund in 1978.

Mogens Kragelund started making kaleches and boat cushions in a rented garage, and in 1980 he rented an empty yard length, where he made armchairs and footstools. to the small farms in the local area, and later throughout the read to the German and English markets.

In 1982, Mogens Kragelund bought half in the Mundelstrup Bridge Association with his father, Otto Christian Kragelund, where he started a pillow production. Later he took over his father's half and began making swivel chairs in large quantities fitted with patchwork leather. Kragelund Furniture was a member of a furniture chain for many years before Mogens Kragelund bought Mundelstrup grocery store in 1987, where he started the sofa production and sewing division with about 17 employees. In 1998 he bought the factory in Harlev.

MOGENS K Furniture has worked as a manufacturer and supplier of upholstery furniture in the Danish market since the foundation. In connection with rising costs, it was difficult to maintain profitable production in Denmark, in 2000, it was decided to move parts of production abroad. The choice initially fell on Bulgaria, which was replaced with Ukraine in 2008, and today stands for all production.

In 2015, the MOGENS K Group entered into an agreement with the Innovation Group about a collaboration where Innovation Randers buys 50% of the MOGENS K Group, and in that connection, the sales office moved to Innovation's address at Blommevej 38 in Randers.

MOGENS K Furniture has always been known for quality, good crafts traditions, comfort and design, and the assortment is currently sold in many different countries.

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