Källemo was founded by Sven Lundh and is one of the well known furniture and design companies in Sweden. The ambition of the company is to work with designers and artists who are aware of what quality stands for and unaffected by trends. In the 1980s, Swedish design was influenced by post modernism. Johns Bolins chair Concrete (1981) was one of the first Scandinavian expressions of the new style. The chair was produced by Källemo and attracted immediately attention for the pure, simple and natural design without decorations and adornments. The Concrete chair is one of Källemos most well known products. Mats Theselius, John Kandell, Jonas Bohlin, Mattias Ljunggren, Komplot Design (Boris Berlin & Poul Christiansen), Erik Chambert, Anna Kraitz, Sigurdur Gustafsson and Johan Linton are some of the designers and artists that is or has been working with Källemo.

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