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Large blown glass bowl model Provence (1955)

Price: € 190.00

Designer: Per Lütken

Producer: Holmegaard Glasværk

Denmark - 1958

Ref: BR130501_2

Hand-blown glass bowl, transparent by Per Lütken for Holmegaard. Designed in 1955. New item.

Holmegaard is the largest and oldest glassworks in Denmark, famous for the quality of its blown glass pieces which have become a real institution.

The history of Holmegaard begins in 1823 when Count Danneskiold-Samsoe asked the King of Denmark for permission to establish a glass factory in Holmegaard. Until then, there was no glassworks in Denmark because the lack of wood supply did not allow to reach and maintain the heat of the ovens: the count had the idea to use the peat of the region as fuel. But the count dies before having an answer and it is his widow, the Countess Henriette, who will truly bring this project to life, with faith and tenacity. Glass production began in 1825: initially it was just simple bottles of beer, but quickly Henriette wanted to instill artistic ambition in her project so that every Dane could have a magnificent glass: she hired glassmakers from Bohemia. From the 1930s, the company acquired international influence, thanks to the arrival of talented designers and artistic director Jacob Bang, considered the founding father of Danish glassmaking. Between 1942 and 1998, the glass genius Per Lütken will create sublime pieces that will contribute to the international influence of Holmegaard, and which are today highly sought-after design pieces still in production.

Price: € 190.00




Ø : 31 cm. Height : 22 cm.


blown glass

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