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Strit by Hans Bølling. New realese.

Price: € 79.00

Designer: Hans Bølling

Producer: Architectmade

denmark - 1950

Ref: AR023


Strit’s form is made of only the highest caliber materials: his lower body and feet are made out of oil treated teakwood, his body of beechwood and his hair from sheep fur. Each section has full mobility: from turning the waist and arms, to a swiveling and fully rotating head, Strit is built for a full range of motion and expression.   As adults, it’s hard to not take ourselves too seriously in the midst of overscheduled, busy lives. Strit is designed to remind us of the humor, wit and irony within. His mobile legs, arms, torso and head can move in any number of configurations – from delight to concern, and anything in between – reminding us to reexamine and reconfigure our point of view.

Price: € 79.00




H 12,5 cm


Handmade in teak and beech wood

+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12