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Rya rugs in wool with orange motifs.

Price: € 994.00

Sweden - 1960'

Ref: FR200502

Rya rugs in wool with yellow "Paris" motif. Handmade.

A Rya is a traditional Swedish carpet made of virgin wool of Icelandic sheep strands of a length of about 2-5 cm. Originally, the Rya was a big cover used by sailors to replaced the fur. Over time, the carpets have evolved to be lighter and more colorful but still enjoy the cold floor to isolate the Nordic countries. The Ryas are made of a frame tied knots Ghiordes or Turkish knots with three woolen son, which gives the rug a rich color shades texture. Rya The name comes from a village in south-western Sweden, but can also refer to the sheep breed of Norwegian origin whose wool is used for Ryas.

Price: € 994.00


Excellent vintage condition


200 x 140 cm



+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12