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Rorstrand Brown/Ochre ARU Bowl

Price: € 600.00

Designer: Gunnar Nylund

Producer: Rörstrand

Sweden - 1950's

Ref: FC150506

The scratch through the Rorstrand 'R' indicates that the bowl is a factory 2nd. It appears to be either that there are a small number( 4-5) bubbles in the glaze that have popped, which you can see in the larger pictures or there is what looks like someone made a very small letter in the glaze which is very hard to see. You have to be holding the bowl just the right way to be able to see it.  The price has been set down because it is a 2nd.

Price: € 600.00




H: 3 1/4 inches  (8,5 cm) Ø: 5 inches (12, 5 cm)



+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12